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Tea Resources. Tea Ceremony, Kinds of Tea, History, Tea and Health.

Tea_Museum -page about The Tea Museum, lots about green tea and sencha green tea, history of drinking tea in Japan, and influence of green tea on health.

Seidoan Soto Zen Temple - beautiful site about zazen, Japanese tea ceremony, zen, and other from this topic.

Teahyakka - a great site about Japanese tea traditions. Contains description of Japanese tea ceremony, a list of fabrics used for tea covers, information about tea and Zen, even poems, history of tea, and lots of other interesting information concerning tea. The design is marvellous.

Japanese tea - Description of Japanese Tea Ceremony: an article with photos.

Chinease Tea - Description of Chinease tea ceremony: an article with photos.

Sallys-place - includes information on different kinds of tea: american classic, japanese, indian, etc. Also contains information on cooking with tea. Designed as HTML articles, some with pictures

Chanoyu - The site of the Way of Tea (Japanese Tea Ceremony).

Amacord - tells about Japanese tea ceremony and contains some information on Kaiseki cuisine - "the light, elegant, and nutritious food that accompanies a Japanese tea ceremony". A book, several recipes, flower arrangement, and some poetric references to Zen sayings.

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