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Tarot Of The Old Path Deck

by Sylvia Gainsford, Howard Rodway

Buy the book: Sylvia Gainsford. Tarot Of The Old Path Deck

Release Date: September, 1997

Edition: Cards


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Buy the book: Sylvia Gainsford. Tarot Of The Old Path Deck


The imagery in this deck is outstanding. The pagan themes make it all the more meaningful for those of us who follow the Old Path. It is one of many decks I own but practically the only one I use

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Old and New Path

I just recently bought this deck. I'm very interested in Wicca so I wanted a deck that reflected the Wicca feeling. And it does.
I bought this deck after reading several reviews, some of them talked about little bits of silver on the major cards. This seems to be the case only with OLDER decks. The new decks don't have any silver. This was a bit disappointing for me, but I still think this is a beautiful deck.
The majors are very well done. But the amount of white on the minor cards takes some getting used to, and they could have been nicer if they had a bit more colour. Some of the mouths on the minor cards look weird, and the teeth are a bit strange. But the eyes are great, really well done.
The cards are very detailed; I see something new every time I look at them. I would recommend this deck, but it might be nicer to get an older, secondhand, deck; with the bits of silver on it.

From Amazon.com

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