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Tarot of Casanova

by Luca Raimondo

Buy the book: Luca Raimondo. Tarot of Casanova

Release Date: December, 2000

Edition: Cards


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Buy the book: Luca Raimondo. Tarot of Casanova

Definitely worth looking at

This deck will appeal to collectors of erotic decks, and probably to a great many other folks as well if they give it a chance.

The deck is based on the life and memoirs of Giacomo Casanova, whose name has become synonymous with 'lover' in the English language. The artwork is done in monochromatic colours and is absolutely stunning. The deck is set in Venice, and each of the aces depicts a Venetian canal, setting the scene for what's to come in that suit. The deck is slightly smaller than most decks put out by American companies (it's printed by Lo Scarabeo in Italy), but is easy to shuffle and work with.

The World card is worthy of mention because it is both so unusual and so appropriate to this deck. Casanova sits in his library, a globe on his table, writing. Well of course - who better to be at the centre of the world for this deck than the world's most famous memoirist on the subjects of love and sex?

This is a deck that deals with the game of sex and love. Note the word 'game' because that's the key. The masked characters is a theme repeated throughout this deck. The game's the thing. What masks do you wear when you play the game? Who are the people behind the other masks? What are their real motivtions? What are yours? You may find some very startling revelations if you use this deck to read for issues involving adult relationships, and not only romantic and sexual ones, though that's what the deck is designed for. Everybody wears masks when they grow up.

Actual sex acts are depicted on only six of the cards, though there is a lot of nudity and partial nudity in the deck. Still, the deck doesn't strike me, or anyone I've shown it to, as obscene.

I use this deck for personal readings, and there are some clients I feel comfortable using it with, though it's not for all, because of the nudity it contains. Still, it can be an invaluable oracle when trying to get to the root of two of the most frequent tarot queries we all hear. Love and sex. This is the best deck I've found for reading those kinds of questions, because it is sophisticated enough to handle the nuances of power, disguise, lust, seduction, and all the other things we deal with in real-life relationships.

Unless you are offended by nudity, I would highly recommend this as an addition to your collection. A beautiful, and worldly, deck for adults.

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Lovely erotic tarot features 18th century Venice

The Tarots of Casanova, illustrated by Luca Raimondo and published by Lo Scarabeo of Italy, shows actual places in Venice, often with characters in various erotic poses at masked balls or in boudoirs. Women are depicted fully or partially exposed, while the men are semi-dressed or covered (now, really, is that fair? But it does keep this deck from being classified as hard-core). The pale illustrations suggest gentility and an "Ana´s Nin" kind of sensuality. A lovely addition to Tarot and erotic collections, or to appreciate 18th century Venice in an unusual way. Collectors who want a more explicit deck may want to check out The Erotic Tarot, illustrated by Milo Manara, also produced by Lo Scarabeo.

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