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Tarot of the Cat People: A Traveler's Report (with Tarot Deck)

by Karen Kuykendall

Buy the book: Karen Kuykendall. Tarot of the Cat People: A Traveler's Report (with Tarot Deck)

Release Date: March, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Karen Kuykendall. Tarot of the Cat People: A Traveler's Report (with Tarot Deck)


Only 1,000 words??? Oh my! Let me begin by saying that I know absolutely nothing about tarot. I am 34 years old, and I've had a reading done once in my lifetime. I am, however, presently exploring my less rational/logical side...if that makes any sense...in a number of different ways. I am also a great lover of cats. Even the most recent stray to come to my house is a "lion dog" (Chow-Chow) and I was born, and exhibit all the traits of, a Leo. Lion (the chow) now joins my three-cat-(also former strays)-household as a member of this heavily feline-influenced family. Back to tarot -- this deck is absolutely beautiful for cat lovers! It seems to me, as uneducated as I am about tarot in general, that the facial features of the cats when compared to the humans on each card, is important in some way. I'll leave that observation for other explorers to figure out. I strongly recommend, for those equally as ignorant as I am, that they order the cards WITH the book. I should think that, no matter what deck a reader choses, the concise information about each of the cards as provided in this book would be helpful. Also, there is a very helpful 10-card layout grid, not mentioned in the review, which has assisted me tremendously. I got my set today (along with 2 others which I haven't opened yet), and immediately gave myself 2 readings on different topics. I had one cat on the table and the newly-adopted chow-chow at my feet. I was VERY impressed at the accuracy of the cards to my present life situation. I should probably add here that, prior to my experience with these cards 30 minutes ago, I was at best a skeptic and at worst a total disbeliever. I ordered the deck because I liked the artwork as I had seen it displayed at different web sites, and I originally intended to frame it to display on a wall b/c of my affection for cats.(BTW, for those beginners like me, there are several useful sites on the web to compare "the look" of decks before you buy. Just do a search on "tarot decks" or "tarot reviews".)In short, since I apparently haven't run out of my 1,000 words yet, I'm sure this deck will become my all-time favorite. I have NO REGRETS in purchasing it, and I believe it will be an excellent source for beginners. I'm not going to frame it after all. :)

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Mystique of Cats and Tarot Meets SF/Fantasy Sensibility

This is the 5th of my 7 (so far) decks.

The artwork for this deck was originally done as large format paintings, and it shows in the detail. The book, available individually or in the boxed set, gives the standard US Games card interpretations, as well as a creative and detailed 'travellers report'. Written from the perspective of a deep space exploration team, the book makes the deck especially enjoyable for science fiction fans. The illustrations have a fantasy feel, using lush costumes, jewelry, and settings. Of course, the deck is a _must have_ for cat lovers--there are cats on EVERY card, even in the position usually taken by the dog on the Fool card.

The artwork and interpretation of the cards definitely sets the right tone for a reading, and the deck stands alone purely on its artistic value. If you get the deck, I would strongly suggest getting the box set, or buying the book separately, as the booklet in the deck is the standard US Games booklet and gives only basic interpretations.

This deck is my 3rd favorite. The Aquarian deck is my favorite.

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