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Angel Power Cards

by Wulfing Von Rohr, Gayan Sylvie Winter

Buy the book: Wulfing Von Rohr. Angel Power Cards

Release Date: July, 1997

Edition: Cards


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Buy the book: Wulfing Von Rohr. Angel Power Cards

Just okay.

I have quite a few Angel Cards and I have to be honest and say these are not my favorites. The packaging is cute and it might make a nice gift for someone who is interested in Angel cards, or even a teenager, but for my personal tastes, I feel there are other decks that are more helpful. Doreen Virtue's Angel and Fairy cards are wonderful and beautiful and I also like the Angel Messages cards. They are terrific, too.

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Angel Power Cards

I found these cards when I was actually looking for other angel cards - they are so nice and positive! The illustrations are very vivid and the texts are comprehensive and inspiring. It is pure pleasure to be acquainting with these beautiful cards. I am carrying them around with me wherever I go no and I feel safe and secure. Every time I need advise or support I turn to these beautiful tiny cards. They do not require books and explanations because they just talk to you while you use them. The booklet explains the basic steps and ways to use them and it's a great way to get started.

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