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Ancestral Path Tarot

by Us Games, Tracey Hoover, Julie Cuccia-Watts

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Release Date: March, 2003

Edition: Cards


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Buy the book: Us Games. Ancestral Path Tarot


The artwork in this deck is truly amazing!! They look like tiny oil paintings.. The deck is multi-cultural and has a feel most people can related to.. Sometimes a deck specifically of one culture can alienate those not of that ethnic background... I think those familiar with traditional Rider-Waite cards would have an easy time transitioning to this deck. Highly reccomended!!!!!

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A beautiful, spiritual deck

The Ancestral Path Tarot is a visually stunning and spiritually fascinating deck. The Majors are pretty much standard fare; the figures are in the usual poses, although they are shown as belonging to diverse ethnic groups. For example, the woman depicted on Strength is African; the Empress evokes the Middle Eastern mother goddesses; the Star is a Native American. This is one of the few decks I've seen where the Minors are better than the Majors. The artist and author assign a culture to each of the suits: Egyptian and sub-Saharan African cultures for the Staves; Japanese feudalism for the Swords; the Arthurian legend of Britain for the Cups, and a Native American vision quest for the Sacred Circles (pentacles, traditionally). The art is beautiful, and the pictures evoke deep spiritual meaning. Even the suit of Earth (the Sacred Circles), generally interpreted as being "about money", is here a profound exploration of community, resources, isolation, and discovery. Tracey Hoover, the writer of the accompanying booklet, recommends going through the Minors in reverse order, from 10 to Ace. Going through the Sacred Circles, you see the focus shifting from a community to an individual, a young woman who draws aside into seclusion to meet her spirit guide. I'm no Native American expert, but the cards are moving nonetheless. And all of the other suits are just as good. Because every card carries a deep meaning, this is more a deck for spiritual concerns than for mundane ones. Highly recommended to anyone who uses the Tarot for mystical purposes.

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