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Adrian Tarot

by Adrian B. Koehli, Agmuller Neuhausen

Buy the book: Adrian B. Koehli. Adrian Tarot

Release Date: February, 1998

Edition: Unknown Binding


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Buy the book: Adrian B. Koehli. Adrian Tarot

Fresh, Beautiful and Intriguing!

This is one of my most favorite tarot decks. The images and colors go to the edge of the card, they don't have a border like most tarot decks. The Major Arcana are very interesting and nice to look at, they are mostly images of people in which various parts of the body are computerized and have basic outlines (ex. the hands). There seems to be a simpleness to the pictures which draws you to look more into them. The Major Arcana have small roman numerals and the title of the card in various places on the card. There are also various lines making different kinds of shapes on the entire deck. Some meaning to certain cards is given to what the lines and shapes represent in the little booklet that comes with the deck. The Minor Arcana is basic and simple and I like it for that reason. For example, the two of wands are just two wands near each other with various lines crossing between them and the four disks (pentacles) are actually and simply four disks. The court cards, King, Queen, Knight and Page are actual people modified. The thing that I really enjoy most about this deck are the colors that are used and how they're blended together, it really makes the deck beatiful. There is no predominant background color in regards to a particular suit, but the line images on each suit do have a particular color scheme (cups=blue, disks=yellow, wands=fuchsia, swords=black, Major Arcana=white). In the Minor Arcana there is a small word, in English and German, in various places on each card representing what the card means (ex. 4 of disks=power/macht, 10 of cups=luck/gluck). The English and German word are in separate places on the card. An actual number is on each of the Minor Arcana (1-10), these are not in Roman numerals. The words and numbers are small so that they don't take away from the card image. When the 22 Greater Trumps (Major Arcana) are arranged in a certain order the shadow background images form a man and a woman. They represent the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge respectively. These cards are nice especially when you want to get away from all the frilly and complicated story images that some decks display. I believe that in regards to the Minor Arcana less (simplicity) is more. I like the way the various line shapes take you into the card to draw upon your own intuition and meaning. One can also refer to the booklet that comes with it. Enjoy!

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Provocative and erotic

Major Arcana cards are provocative and erotic in their design. The minor Arcana could be improved. The cards have an ultra-modern feel that bring tarot into the 21st century. I would not recommend these cards for the hardcore tarot readers but these are definitely good for the person who likes to collect tarot artwork.

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