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365 Tao : Daily Meditations

by Ming-Dao Deng

Buy the book: Ming-Dao Deng. 365 Tao : Daily Meditations

Release Date: 17 July, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ming-Dao Deng. 365 Tao : Daily Meditations

Practical and Inspiring Guide to Taoism

This is a fascinating book that I enjoyed very much. This book's format makes it very interesting and motivating. Each page (one for each day of the year) starts with a Chinese character in beautiful calligraphic script. The English meaning of this character is given, as well as a verse in easy-to-read English providing more insight about the inner meaning of that character and the Chinese way of thinking. Below this, a few paragraphs of prose provide additional food for thought surrounding the theme of that day.

I found the writing style of Deng Mind-Dao very interesting and inspiring. The topics chosen were important and relevant to one's daily life. I found the best way to use "365 Tao" for me is to read a page in the bathroom each morning. The readings stimulated my thoughts and ideas for the whole day. Often I would practice yoga afterwards. Overall it is a nice book, and I would readily buy any other book by Deng Ming-Dao.

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Wow, it brings Tao wisdom into the 21st century!

I'm buying this whole series. The study of Tao has been facilitated for the Western seeker in a practical and exciting way. The Way! Very nicely done, I found this copy in a martial arts store in Arlington Texas where I find many volumes on healing and self discovery. It's a fine place too for finding good walking sticks, the "weapon" of the monk. The book and a good stick, an unbeatable combination for any soul struggling to make sense of a world gone mad. If the Tao has been difficult to reach from the point of view of one's religion of birth, this work will, prayerfully, make it fit in "modern" times quite nicely. It's written gracefully and with a feeling of great compassion and it makes it easier to see how Christ and, say, the Buddha may have met and talked for a time on thier "seperate" journey's. If you want to open your eyes a bit further and are asking questions at any point in your life, buy this book. It's not a book one might just "read", but one the index of concepts will be a true joy as a guide to possible areas of conflict in one's daily life. Signed; A walker of the 8 way path of the burning heart, or the Red Path vs. the Black Path We are all related.

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