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Taoist Master Chuang

by Michael R. Saso

Buy the book: Michael R. Saso. Taoist Master Chuang

Release Date: 08 August, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Michael R. Saso. Taoist Master Chuang

The Other Reviews Don't Lie

OK, I was looking for some books on Taoism, and I found "Taoist Master Chuang." I read the other reviews, and decided that I had to read this book for myself. Without doubt I'm glad I did. Master Chuang describes Taoist history in a way that is so much more thorough and succint than in any other book I've read. Now we know how Taoists themselves view Taoist history! And the second half of the book, which deals with Taoist practices like mantra, hand gestures called mudra, magical spells to control spirits, etc., is without peer. This is no theorectical discussion, this is a detailed description of actual practice. It's about time someone wrote this book, and I applaud Michael Saso for doing so.

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A Wonderful Eye-Opening Book

I have an MA in Taoism, and I'm considering going after my PhD. I've spent lots and lots of time reading through dusty books on Taoism, and I can assure everyone that I think this is one of the best. In an area where translations of the Tao Te Ching abound, this is one of the few works that provides real detail regarding Taoist practice. Instead of philosophy and spiritual fluff, this book really relates what it is like to be a Taoist in the world of dust. Only after reading and re-reading this wonderful book could I really begin to see how Master Chuang captures the heart of Taoism in concrete actions, and how he does this on behalf of his community. Everyone interested in Taoism should read this book!

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