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641. The Risalah: Principles of Sufism
by al-Qushayri, al-Qushayri, al-Qushayri

642. The Role of the Bektashis in Turkey's National Struggle (Social, Economic, and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia, 80)
by Hulya Kucuk

643. The Rose Garden (Gulistan) of Saadi
by Saadi, Omar Ali-Shah, Sa'di

644. The Rules or Secrets of the Naqshbandi Order
by Omar Ali-Shah

645. The Rumi Collection : An Anthology of Translations of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
by Kabir Helminski

646. The Sacred Journey: Unfolding Self Essence
by Arife Ellen Hammerle

647. The Sacred Knowledge of the Higher Functions of the Mind: The Altaf al-Quds of Shah Waliullah
by Shah Waliullah, G.N. Jalbani, David Pendlebury

648. The Science of Enlightenment

649. The secret : discourses on Sufism
by Rajneesh

650. The Secret of Islam: Love and Law in the Religion of Ethics
by Henry Bayman

651. The Secret of Secrets (Golden Palm Series)
by Tosun Bayrak, Hadrat'Abd A. Al-Jilani, Hadrat Abdul-Qadir Al-Jilani, etc.

652. The Secret Rose Garden
by David R. Fideler, Mahmud Ibn 'Abd Al-Kar Shabistari, Florence Lederer

653. The secret shrine: Islamic mystical reflections
by Catharine Hughes

654. The Secrets of God's Mystical Oneness or the Spiritual Stations of Shaikh Abu Sa Id (Persian Heritage Series)
by Muhammad Ibn Al-Munavvar, John O'Kane, Muhammad Ibn Al-Munavvar, etc.

655. The Self-Disclosure of God: Principles of Ibn Al-'Arabi's Cosmology (Suny Series in Islam)
by William C. Chittick

656. The Sense of Unity: The Sufi Tradition in Persian Architecture
by Nader Ardalan, Laleh Bakhtiar

657. The Shakers: Two Centuries of Spiritual Reflection (Classics of Western Spirituality)
by Robley E. Whitson, William C. Chittick, Peter Lamborn Wilson

658. The Shambhala Guide to Sufism
by Ph.D. Carl W. Ernst

659. The Shrine and Cult of Muin Al-Din Chishti of Ajmer (Oxford University South Asian Studies Series)
by P. M. Currie

660. The Signs of God
by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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