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The Elephant in the Dark : Christianity, Islam and the Sufis

by Idries Shah

Buy the book: Idries Shah. The Elephant in the Dark : Christianity, Islam and the Sufis

Release Date: August, 1982

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Idries Shah. The Elephant in the Dark : Christianity, Islam and the Sufis

Rediscovering the Seeds

Subtitled, 'Christianity, Islam, and the Sufis', this important book is the basis of a lecture by Shah at a symposium at Geneva University in 1972. The theme of his contribution was 'Salvation as a Total Surrender to God: An attempt at Dialog between Christians and Muslims. The book demonstrates the commonality of the two religions based upon the unity of experience of the act of surrender and the historic acceptance of higher level practitioners of these religions of the practices and religion of the other. In keeping with the theme of his other books Shah is enormously helpful to those desiring to approach the bases of the religious experience by demonstrating obstacles that stand in the way. Important now, this book will grown in importance in the future as the decay of these religions moves those who can to look for their seed in the experience of the man of knowledge.

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A completely unbiased point of view

The author presents a completely unbiased view of many of the worlds religions and how they have been known to view one another. The interior of the religions philosophy is compared to the actions of the its followers with incredible insight and humor. There are numerous quotations from classical texts as well as contemporary insights from the author and noted specialists in the field of conscious evolution. Don,t miss this book. Truely a great read!!

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