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481. Sufism and Shari'ah: a study of Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi's effort to reform Sufism
by Muhammad Abdul Haq Ansari, Rashid Rahman

482. Sufism and Taoism: A Comparative Study of Key Philosophical Concepts
by Toshihiko Izutsu

483. Sufism and the Islamic Tradition : The Lamahat and Sata'at of Shah Waliullah of Delhi
by Shah Waliullah, G. N. Jalbani, D. B. Fry, etc.

484. Sufism and Wisdom
by Molana Salaheddin Ali Nader Shah Angha

485. Sufism I: Meaning, Knowledge and Unity
by Javad Nurbakhsh, William Chiltick, Peter Wilson

486. Sufism II: Fear and Hope, Contraction and Expansion, Gathering and Dispersion, Intoxication and Sobriety, Annihilation and Subsistence
by Javad Nurbakhsh, William C. Chittick

487. Sufism in Action: Spiritualising the Economy
by H.J. Wittveen

488. Sufism in Europe and North America
by David Westerlund

489. Sufism in South Asia: Impact on Fourteenth Century Muslim Society
by Riazul Islam

490. Sufism in the West
by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

491. Sufism IV
by Javad Nurbakhsh

492. Sufism V: Gratitude, Patience, Trust-In- God, Aspiration, Veracity, Zeal, Valour, Altruism, Shame
by Javad Nurbakhsh, Terry Graham, Javad Nurbakhsh, etc.

493. Sufism, its saints and shrines; an introduction to the study of Sufism with special reference to India
by John A. Subhan

494. Sufism, Music and Society in Turkey and the Middle East
by Anders Hammarlund, Tord Olsson, Elisabeth Ozdalga

495. Sufism, Mystics, and Saints in Modern Egypt (Studies in Comparative Religion)
by Valerie J. Hoffman, Frederick Denny

496. Sufism, No. 3: Submission, Contentment, Absence, Presence, Intimacy, Awe, Tranquility, Serenity
by Javad Nurbakhsh, Leonard Lewisohn, Terry Graham

497. Sufism, the Heart of Islam: The Heart of Islam
by Khaled Bentounes, Christian Delorme, Khaled Elabdi, etc.

498. Sufism: Its Saints and Shrines
by John A. Subhan

499. Sufism: Message of Brotherhood, Harmony, and Hope
by Nasrollah Saifpour, Fatemi

500. Sufism: Principles & Practice
by Hamid Algar

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