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461. Sufi: Expressions of the Mystic Quest (Art and Imagination)
by Laleh Bakhtir, Laleh Bakhtiar

462. Sufis and Anti-Sufis: The Defence, Rethinking and Rejection of Sufism in the Modern World (Curzon Sufi Series)
by Elizabeth Sirriyeh, Elisabeth Sirriyeh

463. Sufis and Scholars of the Sea: Family Networks in East Africa, 1860-1925
by Anne K. Bang

464. Sufis of Today
by Seyyed F Hossain

465. Sufis, the people of the path
by Rajneesh

466. Sufis: The People of the Path
by Osho, Ma P. Veena

467. Sufism
by William C. Chittick

468. Sufism
by A. J. Arberry

469. Sufism
by R. Grisell

470. Sufism
by A. J. Arberry

471. Sufism an Deconstruction
by Ian Almond

472. Sufism and Beyond: Sufi Thought in the Light of Late 20th Century Science
by Ali Ansari

473. Sufism and Human Destiny and Sufi Thought in Persian Poetry
by Mehdi Nakosteen

474. Sufism and Human Destiny and Sufi Thought in Persian Poetry

475. Sufism and Islam
by Molana Salaheddin Ali Nader Shah Angha, Pir Oveyssi, Salaheddin

476. Sufism and Islamic Reform in Egypt: The Battle for Islamic Tradition (Oxford Oriental Monographs. New Series)
by Julian Johansen

477. Sufism and Islamic Society
by Jamal J. Elias, Jamal J. Elias

478. Sufism and Knowledge
by Molana Salaheddin Ali Nader Shah Angha, Pir Oveyssi

479. Sufism and Peace
by Nader S. Angha, Pir Oveyssi

480. Sufism and Psychology
by Lynn Wilcox

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