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361. Revelation of the Secrets of the Birds and Flowers
by al-Muqaddasi, al Hajj Anwar, Irene Hoare, etc.

362. Revelation: Elham
by Salaheddin Ali Nader Shah Angha, Molana Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha, Molana Salaheddin Ali, etc.

363. Revelations of the Unseen (Futuh al-Ghaib)
by Shaykh Jilani, 'Abd, Muhtar Holland

364. Revival of Religious Sciences
by Al-Ghazzali

365. Risalah: Principles of Sufism
by Abul Qasim al-Qushayri

366. Ritual, Initiation, and Secrets in Sufi Circles
by Franz Heidelberger, Rosalie Marsham, Hoda Aziaian

367. Rumi (Philosophers of the Spirit)
by Robert Van De Weyer, Robert Van de Weyer

368. Rumi and Islam: Selections from His Stories, Poems, and Discourses--Annotated & Explained
by Ibrahim Gamard

369. Rumi and Sufism
by Eva De Vitray-Meyerovitch, Simone Fattal, Eva De Vitray-Meyerovitch

370. Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes: Being an Account of the Sufi Order Known As the Mevlevis and Its Founder the Poet and Mystic Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
by Shems Friedlander, Annemarie Schimmel, Nezih Uzel

371. Rumi Past and Present, East and West
by Franklin D. Lewis

372. Rumi Speaks Through Sufi Tales
by Jalal Al-Din Rumi, Krish Khosla

373. Rumi the Path of Love
by Camille, Kabir Helminski, Thomas Moore, etc.

374. Rumi Wisdom: Daily Teachings from the Great Sufi Master
by Timothy Freke

375. Rumi's World : The Life and Works of the Greatest Sufi Poet
by Annemarie Schimmel

376. Rumi, A Spiritual Biogrpahy (Lives & Legacies)
by Leslie Wines

377. Rumi--Daylight: A Daybook of Spiritual Guidance
by Camille Adams Helminski, Edmund Kabir Helminski, Maulana Jalal al-Din Rumi, etc.

378. Rumi-The Glance Songs of Soul Meeting
by Coleman Barks, Jalalu'l-Din Rumi, Nevit Oguz Ergin

379. Rumi: Gardens of the Beloved
by Maryam Mafi

380. Rumi: Gazing at the Beloved: The Radical Practice of Beholding the Divine
by Will Johnson

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