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1. 101 Diamonds from the Oral Tradition of the Glorious Messenger Muhammad
by Ibn Arabi, Ibn'Arabi, Fariha Al Jerrahi, etc.

2. A Book of Wisdom and Lies
by Sulkhan-Saba Oberliani, Katharine Vivian

3. A Culture of Sufism: Naqshbandis in the Ottoman World, 1450-1700
by Dina Legall

4. A Dervish Textbook - Kashani's Recension of Suhrawardi's Gifts : from the 'Awarifu-l-Ma'arif
by Sheikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardi, Col. H. Wilberforce Clarke, H. Wilberforce Clarke

5. A Garden Beyond Paradise
by Shahram Shiva, Shahram Shiva

6. A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi
by Jonathan Star, Shahram Shiva, Jalalu'l-Din Rumi, etc.

7. A Glossary of Sufi Technical Terms
by Abd al-Razzaq al-Qashani, Nabil Safwat, David Pendlebury

8. A Journal with the Poetry of Rumi
by Brush Dance, Coleman Barks, Michael Green

9. A Meditation
by Sadiq °Anqa, Moulana Shah Maghsoud

10. A Meditation Theme for Each Day
by Hazrat Inayat Khan, Hazart Inayat Khan, Inayat Khan, etc.

11. A Pearl in Wine: Essays on the Life, Music and Sufism of Hazrat Inayat Khan
by Pirzade Zia Inayat Khan

12. A Perfumed Scorpion: A Way to the Way
by Idries Shah

13. A Perfumed Scorpion: The Way to the Way
by Idries Shah, Idries Shah

14. A Rose Garden: Selections from Meter I of Divan-I Kebir of Rumi
by Nevit Oguz Ergin

15. A Saint in the City: Sufi Arts of Urban Senegal
by Allen F. Roberts, Mary Nooter Roberts, Gassia Armenian, etc.

16. A Short Introduction to Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Mysticism
by Majid Fakhry

17. A Sufi martyr; the 'Apologia' of °Ain al-Qudat al-Hamadhani:
by °Abd Allah ibn Muhammad °Ayn al-Qudah al-Hamadhani, °Abd Allah ibn Muhammad °Ayn al-Qudah al-Hamadhani

18. A Sufi Rule for Novices = Kitab Adab Al-Muridin of Abu Al-Najib Al-Suhrawardi (Harvard Middle Eastern Studies ; 17)
by Menahem Milson, Abd Al-Qahir Ibn 'A Suhrawardi

19. A Sufi Saint of the Twentieth Century: Shaikh Ahmad Al-Alawi: His Spiritual Heritage and Legacy (Golden Palm Series)
by Martin Lings

20. A Veiled Gazelle: Seeing How to See
by Idries Shah

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