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61. Han®guk hwaraengi musok ui yoksa wa wolli
by Hon-son Kim

62. Han®guk mu ui segye
by Hung-Youn Cho, Hung-Youn Cho

63. Han®guk munhak kwa munhwa ui kohyang ul ch°ajaso : minsok kwa musok kurigo owon eso ch°annun minsok ui chongch°esong : So Chong-bom esei
by Chong-bom So

64. Han®guk musok kwa yonhui
by Duhyun Lee

65. Han®guk musok ui ihae
by Kil-song Ch°oe

66. Han®guk musokchi
by Kil-song Ch°oe

67. Han®guk sinhwa ui yon®gu
by Tae-sok So

68. Han®guk ui minsok sasang

69. Han®guk ui musok kwa umak : Chindo ssikkim kut Yon®gu
by Mi-gyong Pak

70. Han®guk ui myongmu

71. Han®guk ui pyolsin kut muga
by Kyong-sin Pak

72. Han®guk ui p°ungoje
by Hyo-gil Ha

73. Healing Powers and Modernity: Traditional Medicine, Shamanism, and Science in Asian Societies
by Linda H. Connor, Geoffrey Samuel, Linda H. Connor, etc.

74. Healing States : A Journey Into the World of Spiritual Healing and Shamanism
by Alberto Villoldo, Stanley Krippner

75. Healing The Shadow
by Ross Bishop

76. Historia de la religión en Mesoamérica y áreas afines : I coloquio

77. Hwang Nu-si ui uri mudang iyagi
by Nu-si Hwang

78. Hwanghae-do chinogwi kut : mangja ui ch°ondo rul pinun kut
by In-hoe Kim

79. Iban Shamanism: An Analysis of the Ethnographic Literature (An Occasional Paper of the Department of Anthropology, Research School of pAcific Studies, the Australian National University)
by Penelope Graham

80. Ilche ha musongnon kwa singminji kwollyok
by Sog-yong Ch°oe

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