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21. Celtic Faery Shamanism
by Catrin James

22. Ceremonies of the Living Spirit
by Joseph Rael

23. Chal twaedo mot twaedo ta chosang t°at
by Kyu-t°ae Yi

24. Chamalu: The Shamanic Way of the Heart: Traditional Teachings from the Andes
by Luis Espinoza

25. Chamanismo : un arte del saber
by Blanca de Corredor

26. Chosen by the Spirits: Following Your Shamanic Calling
by Sarangerel

27. Choson ttang maul chik°imi = Maul-jikimi, village guardian God of Korea
by Hon-man Hwang

28. Circle of Shaman: Healing through Ecstasy, Rhythm, and Myth
by Karen Berggren

29. Circumpolar Religion and Ecology: An Anthropology of the North
by Takashi Irimoto, Takako Yamada

by Christopher Penczak

31. Compass of the Heart: Embodying Medicine Wheel Teachings
by Loren Cruden

32. Conscious Dreaming : A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life
by Robert Moss

33. Cosmos, Self, and History in Baniwa Religion : For Those Unborn
by Robin M. Wright

34. Coyote's Council Fire : Contemporary Shamans on Race, Gender and Community
by Loren Cruden

35. Crazy Wisdom Tales for Deadheads: A Shamanic Companion to the Grateful Dead
by Bradford Keeney

36. Culture, Experience and Pluralism: Essays on African Ideas of Illness and Healing
by A. Jacobson-Widding, David Westerlund, A. Jacobson-Widding, etc.

37. Dance of the 4 Winds: Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel
by Alberto Villoldo, Erik Jendresen

38. Dialogues With a Shaman Teacher: Into the Silence
by Heather Hughes-Calero, Winged Wolf, Winged Wolf

39. Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy: The Rainbow Serpent of the Toltecs
by Merilyn Tunneshende

40. Dongbei Han jun qi xiang de kao cha yu yan jiu
by Guangwei Ren

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