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A Medicine Woman Speaks: An Exploration of Native-American Spirituality

by Cinnamon Moon, Cinnamon Moon, Cinnamon

Buy the book: Cinnamon Moon. A Medicine Woman Speaks: An Exploration of Native-American Spirituality

Release Date: August, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Cinnamon Moon. A Medicine Woman Speaks: An Exploration of Native-American Spirituality

Ideal for the beginning nonnative shamanism student

A Medicine Woman Speaks: An Explanation Of Native American Spirituality is an intimate, conversational yet disciplined treatise of shamanic spirituality and Native American spiritual practices that can be used by novices and experienced seekers. There is detailed exploration of purification ceremonies, totem work, and the creation of inner and outer sacred space. Guidelines are given for those who wish to pursue their connection with the Great Mystery and to discover their own spirituality gifts. Written by a white woman who has studied with several individual Native American teachers and mentors, A Medicine Woman Speaks strives to make this synthesized shamanistic approach accessible. There are appropriate caveats to the uninitiated, such as the warning to beware those who offer something for nothing. A glossary of terms and a brief bibliography assist the reader who desires to explore shamanism and Native American religious practices further. Sourced in Plains Indian lore and teachings, A Medicine Woman Speaks is ideal for the beginning nonnative shamanism student.

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Another perspective on shamanic practices.

The title of this book is a little misleading as it doesn't go indepth into Native American spirituality as it doesn not tackle the particular practices in the different religions that compose the great Native American nation. It does however provide a solid base of what is shamanism as a spiritual practice outside of a religious frame. What is particular about this book is that it tackles this subject in a direction that as seldom been done before and to that the title holds true. What is presented in this book is presented from a woman's point of view, a Medecine woman's point of view. She explores the fundamentals of a medecine path, a shamanic path. From spirituality to the techniques, to the medecine wheel and the variety of spirits and helpers that can be met on the way. Is this an how to book? Not in my opinion, it gives the beginner an overview of the medecine path and tool to get started in the exploration of one's spirituality and to the more seasoned practicionner something to think about as the author as firm credentials. Is it only a book for women? Not necesseraly, although it can be a help in understanding the women mysteries and a woman's own inherant magic, it can also be an asset to male practitioners as it shows a different view of things and in the path to balance it can show a part of the mystery that men may be less in touch with.

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