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Angel Tech: A Modern Shamans Guide to Reality Selection

by Antero Alli

Buy the book: Antero Alli. Angel Tech: A Modern Shamans Guide to Reality Selection

Release Date: March, 1991

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Antero Alli. Angel Tech: A Modern Shamans Guide to Reality Selection

A delightfully intelligent and funny adventure in reality

Antero Alli sums up the key points of modern paganism and shamanism interlacing it with beautifully worded excursions into psychology and sociology of everyday life. All the thoughts that I would quietly have to myself, not daring to ask or discuss them with anyone else -- these are discussed at length in the book. Every chapter is a small revelation. The topics are presented so lightly and elegantly that I read through it effortlessly, realising at the end that this book has as much fundamentals as the Bible, the difference being only in size and language. The after-effect has been tremendous -- at my job, my personal life, my music (I am a musician), and even my health. Thank you!

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Magic theatre: Not For Everybody

Not exactly a self help book or a metaphysical treatise, Angel Tech is (in its own words), "a survival manual for fallen angels who are through with their frozen responses to the nightmares around us." Several sentences later, it instructs us to: "fly higher, plant both feet firmly in the ground... ground." The title is somewhat deceptive, also, because Angel Tech isn't about angels per se; at least not the kind painted by artists and described in the bible. To once again quote the text, "An angel is a being of Light. Tech comes from techne, meaning art or skill. Angel Tech is the Art of Being Light... We are in essence, beings of light."

Alli has taken it upon himself to redefine common terminology as well as make up words of his own to describe his psychic journey. This journey traverses through the Law of Octaves and Overtones translated into eight evolving functions of One Intelligence. Its destination is the awesome task of Intelligence Increase. The format of the law of eights is as old as the Sufi Mystery Schools and vigorous enough to attract Gurdjieff himself to wrestle with. More recently, the rascal guru Timothy Leary picked it up and wrote his opus, Exo Psychology (also out of print), one of the source books for Angel Tech. What sets Angel Tech apart from other interpretations of this eightfold system is its comedic brilliance and some hysterically wicked illustrations. Also conspicuously absent is the kind of dogma that almost always accompanies subject matter like this. (The author constantly reminds us that the book is a map and not the territory itself, and that we, the readers, must make our own maps as fast as we absorb information in order to minimize psychic constipation.)

This book is not for everybody. Consider the section entitled Karma Mechanics which is "a course of study best suited for self-realizing robots." Who's going to admit to their robot hood? Gurdjieff and his kind certainly did but not without a lot of work. Further into this section is another called Mechanical Problems which, with painstaking detail, explores the symptoms, causes and necessary adjustments for "robots run amok"... in laymen's terms, the process of fixing broken people. Despite the rather dense reading in this section, Alli did manage to pull me through with his humor, which at times, is ruthless. For the uninitiated neophyte, Fred Mertz (remember, from the I love Lucy show?) has resurrected to the spiritual status of Bodhisattva for the purpose of transmitting his compassion through the "neuroelectronic medium of television in the reruns..." If Fred Mertz is a New Age Avatar, then I'm the pope. And in some parallel universe, I probably am.

Sometimes, this book rides the edge between redundancy and instructive repetition with the hopes of driving its point home. This point seems to be self-responsibility and the need to define oneself or be defined by others. Alli takes for granted that readers already understand that they create their own reality, so there's not much schooling on this (read the Seth books). It is, perhaps, for this reason that the audience for Angel Tech will remain limited to those currently designing their own program. In this way, Angel Tech is even elitist. It refuses to try and reach everybody. However, the people it will touch will be richer for it due to Alli's lack of compromise. It's not an entirely inaccessible book yet it's based on a rather radical assumption. It fails to recognize the split between Lower and Higher Selves that most metaphysical books all but deify. My guess is that Alli is something of an anarchist who found his way into the system. His passion for annihilating hierarchy for the purpose of demystifying higher intelligence is hard to ignore.

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