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361. Recupera Tu Pasado, Sana Tu Futuro
by Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison

362. Rediscovering Our Heart
by Mahi, Denise Poole

363. Reflections on the Art of Personality
by Hidayat Inayat Khan, Inayat H. Khan, Hidayat Inayat Khan, etc.

364. Reiki--For First Aid
by Walter Luebeck, Walter Lubeck

365. Reiki: The Healing Touch
by William Lee Rand

366. Reiki: Way of the Heart
by Walter Luebeck, Walter Lubeck

367. Reinventing Yourself: A Metaphysical Self-Renewal System
by Dick Sutphen, Richard Sutphen

368. Rejuvenation: Strategies for Living Younger, Longer, and Better
by Joe H. Slate

369. Return to Center: That Address Now Known!
by Laura Cruger

370. Revealing the Secrets of the Human Life: New Knowledge for New Millennium
by Tauno Saila

371. Riding the Wind: Healing the Whole Person
by Robin Shapiro

372. River of Life: A Guide to Your Spiritual Journey
by Ruth White

373. Road to Inner Light
by Manly P. Hall

374. Roads Home: Seven Pathways to Midlife Wisdom
by Kathryn D. Cramer

375. Running With the Angels: The Gifts of AIDS
by Bobbie Stasey, Ed Dziczek, Ed Dzickzek

376. Sacred Contracts : Awakening Your Divine Potential
by Caroline Myss

377. Sacred Contracts: The Journey. an Interactive Tool for Guidance
by Caroline Myss, Peter Occhiogrosso

378. Sacred Healing
by Marri Rillera, Bentley Rillera, Marri and Bentley Rillera

379. Scars of the Soul
by Mary Ann Woodward

380. Science of Being and Art of Living: Transcendental Meditation
by Maharishi Mahesh, His Holiness Yogi, Bevan, Dr Morris, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, etc.

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