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In The Spirit

by Susan L. Taylor

Buy the book: Susan L. Taylor. In The Spirit

Release Date: 01 October, 1999

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Susan L. Taylor. In The Spirit

A Decade of Inspiration

Although the Amazon description says the book was published in 1994 / 1999 - I actually purchased it in early 1993. I must have an early copy. Around that time, a friend of mine kept bringing photocopies of Ms. Taylor's column to my work and sharing them with me. Every single one literally sang to my heart. When I saw this book, I HAD to have it.

Susan Taylor's writing, much like the lady herself, is eloquent and stylish, sassy and bold. Most of all, everytime I turn to this book I receive hope, calm direction, encouragment, spiritual recharges - the list is endless.

Throughout the years, I have pulled "In The Spirit" down from the shelf wondering if I'd outgrown it yet. So many times a book that was inspirational at one point in my life doesn't carry into another time & place. But this one does. Susan Taylor is a writer whose work is timeless.

The essays in this book also speak to a commonality - the Spirit of God within us all - that crosses all sorts of the 'boundary lines' that we humans like to draw. I strongly encourage people of all genders, races, ethnic and religious backgrounds to purchase this book.

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A Woman of Valor

Susan L. Taylor is an excellent writer. She tells her story clearly and with integrity. Her ideas are valuable for those of us who want to be happy today and in the future. I love her.

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