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Inner Talk for Peace of Mind ("Fear-Less" Series/145)

by Susan Jeffers

Buy the book: Susan Jeffers. Inner Talk for Peace of Mind (

Release Date: June, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Susan Jeffers. Inner Talk for Peace of Mind (


Inexpensive, quick, dose of peace of mind. I've used it hundreds of times to help calm myself down and center myself.
Great Tool...My highest recommendation!

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calming thoughts to relax you & your chatterbox

I have purchased all 3 of the Inner Talk audiotapes -- Inner Talk for a Confident Day, Inner Talk for Peace of Mind, and Inner Talk for a Love That Works.

The tapes are all excellent and I'm glad to have purchased them all, but it's the first two that are playing in constant rotation on my tape decks. Inner Talk for Peace of Mind is great for listening to when I'm on my way to bed. I find it very relaxing and it helps me stop obsessing about things that were going on during the day. Often I fall asleep before the tape is over, it's got me that relaxed!

I have in fact listened to it the whole way through many times however, and like the other Jeffers tapes the tape is useful because with positive statements it reminds me of a better way of looking at things in my life. It reminds me to let go, and trust. I highly recommend this tape for anyone working on Susan's program, as I consider it and the other tapes an integral part of changing my attitude towards the world around me. From my Hgher Self to yours :)

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