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Instant Memory

by Institute Of Advanced Thinking

Buy the book: Institute Of Advanced Thinking. Instant Memory

Release Date: 03 September, 1972

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Institute Of Advanced Thinking. Instant Memory

It works... only of you keep at it

Like some of the other reviewers that have had success with it it does take persistence to realize the results. Although the book does lack a bit in the presentation (more like a booklet) the information provided is very useful and does work. It took me about a week before I noticed modest improvements. I almost gave up but decided what the heck so stuck with it. After about 5 weeks I noticed dramatic improvements in my memory. I did the exercises 2 times a day at the least. I wouldn't say I have a photographic memory but I do remember large quantities of data, often times I only need to glance at a page of a book to memorize it. It's just like any other skill, you have to keep at it and you get better and better. Don't expect to use it a few days and then toss it out if you don't see any results. I don't work for the company and am not affliated in any way. Just stick with it.

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Not for MEMORY only, but for the modus operandi of the MIND!

For those who read it once: Read it once more! But, try to contemplate on what it is saying, what it is trying to say.. This could be a good beginning to start thinking in a different pattern. But, it is not suitable for those who do not want to think! It is not suitable for those who want complex ideas out of complex words! Not suitable for those who want some fish, either, but for those who try to learn fishing! It is YOUR responsibility to witness what it brings to your life.. START FROM SOMEWHERE! DO NOT SLEEP!! YOU ARE SLEEPING FOR OVER THOUSAND YEARS!!!! It could give you some "little clues" for the beginning.. But, do not stay there.. Go further.. Be a student!! You think you know SO much. But you know TOO much!!

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