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61. Rune stones
by Olof Erikson

62. Rune stones for the new ages : the lost 13 runes
by Ronald Kaufmann

63. Runecaster's Handbook: The Well of Wyrd
by Edred Thorsson

64. Runelore: A Handbook of Esoteric Runology
by Edred Thorsson

65. Runene på Tunesteinen : alfabet, språkform, budskap
by Ottar Gr²nvik

66. Runenschrift, Schriftdenken, Runeninschriften
by Heinz Klingenberg, Heinz Klingenberg

67. Runes (The "Pocket Prophecy" Series)
by Catherine J. Duane, Orla Duane

68. Runes and Germanic Linguistics (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs, 140)
by Elmer H. Antonsen

69. Runes and Magic: Magical Formulaic Elements in the Older Runic Tradition (American United Studies, Series I: Germanic Languages and Literature, Vol)
by Stephen E. Flowers

70. Runes and Runic Inscriptions : Collected Essays on Anglo-Saxon and Viking Runes
by R.I. Page

71. Runes in 10 Minutes
by R. T. Kaser

72. Runes in Sweden
by Sven Birger Fredrik Jansson

73. Runes on the Run Card Deck
by Lady Katherine Anderson

74. Runes: An Introduction
by Ralph Warren Victor Elliott

75. Runic Palmistry
by Jon Saint-Germain

76. Runicheskie pis§mennosti evraziiskikh stepei
by I. L. Kyzlasov, I. L. Kyzlasov

77. Runinskrifter i Sverige
by Sven Birger Fredrik Jansson

78. Runmärkt: från brev till klotter: runorna under medeltiden

79. Runor : historia, tydning, tolkning
by Lars Magnar Enoksen

80. Runor och ABC : elva föreläsningar från ett symposium i Stockholm våren 1995

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