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Discover Runes: Understanding and Using the Power of Runes

by Tony Willis

Buy the book: Tony Willis. Discover Runes: Understanding and Using the Power of Runes

Release Date: February, 1993

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Tony Willis. Discover Runes: Understanding and Using the Power of Runes

Great for learning how to cast

He gives you a few runes, and asks you to work with them. . . Then a few more, and you work with those. A bit at a time, with different methods of casting. Covers the meaning of the runes (both forward and reversed) and what they may mean in relation to other runes. He covers a bit of magic, how they relate with flowers, stones and so fourth. A good intro to casting, but I wouldn't just reccomend it alone. Try Kenneth Meadows' RUNE POWER as well for more of a background. I also reccomend Kevin Crossley-Holland's NORSE MYTHS too. Actually I don't think one should be using the runes like tarot cards without the intention of following your roots and pagan ways. They aren't like 2 sided coins for quick yes or no answers, and this book may present them as such, because it focuses on exercises, not history. Please don't forget about that while hoping to "get info on the future". Follow your blood.

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Outstanding amongst all the books on Runes !

This is the best Rune book I have ever read. Mr Willis writes so that when you read the book it is as if he is in the room teaching you. The coverage of each rune introduces you to the energy behind that Rune and you can learn the serious magick of manipulating these energies in Runic spells. Highly recommended ! What a pity it is out of print.

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