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Anglo-Saxon Mythology, Migration and Magic

by Tony Linsell, Brian Partridge

Buy the book: Tony Linsell. Anglo-Saxon Mythology, Migration and Magic

Release Date: 15 December, 1994

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Tony Linsell. Anglo-Saxon Mythology, Migration and Magic

Anglo Saxon Mythology & Migration

This book is very useful in starting off in discovering the formative years of the Anglo Saxon people.
Without too much addition of personal views, as the case in so many authors today, Lindsell describes the events, and the culture that leads to the migration.
A previous reviewer, Jarnawulf, misses the point entirely when he points out inaccuracies surrounding the cosmology, for he is looking from a 'traditional Norse' sense. Lindsell has done his homework and offers up questions for the reader to explore should they wish to pursue this period of life.

However this book is not to be taken too lightly, nor too seriously. There is a lot of information that can only be assumed due to various factors, that Lindsell points out. Yet the sources he does borrow from, are sound and are accepted in scholarly circles.

Should you wish to read a book on the formation of England, and have a general oversight to the people involved, yet not be bogged down by overly technical descriptions, this is it. A valuable starting book for anyone interested in original Anglo Saxon culture.

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A Decent Book on Anglo Saxon Pagan Beleifs

The Book was beautifully illustrated and well written. However there were some decrepencies as far as his mythological interpretations. For an example, he linked the nature god Ing with the Norse Baldur. This is rather problemic, as Ing (or Yng) was actually the God Freyr. Also, he only mentions 7 worlds (dimensions, there are 9) and wrongly places them: the correct placement Osyard(above, extreme/Asgard) Elf Home(above/Losselalfheim) Frost Giant Home(north/Neilheim) Storm Giant Home(east/Jotunheim) Fire Giant Home(south/Muspelheim) Wane Home(west/Vanaheim) Middle Earth(center/Midgard) Dwarf Home (below/Swartalfheim) Hel(below, extreme/Hel)

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