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An introduction to English runes

by R. I. Page

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Release Date: 1973

Edition: Unknown Binding


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Buy the book: R. I. Page. An introduction to English runes

A great introduction to a little subject

Considering the popularity of runes, the fact that this book has been in print for years, the fact that it is the second edition of a textbook that has been the standard of its subject for a quarter of a century, and finally its very high quality, I am amazed to be the first to review it. Well, it is excellent. R.I.Page of Cambridge is living evidence that specialization need not mean narrowness. He is surely the most specialized of specialists, not only a runologist, but one who spent all his life specializing in English runes - and I'll have you know that there are less than one hundred known English runic inscriptions! But Page's AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH RUNES is a golden textbook, wise, witty and far-sighted, not only an exemplary display of interdisciplinary methods, but also an education in critical thought for the student; that I do not agree with him on some points (especially on his rather negative attitude to the magical interpretation of runes) does not detract from my admiration of a great master on a small subject.

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