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All You Need Is Love

by Jewelle St. James

Buy the book: Jewelle St. James. All You Need Is Love

Release Date: July, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jewelle St. James. All You Need Is Love

the story continues

It was great to see the continuing story from her first book "Just Imagine"! I good, easy, intriguing read! What a story! Makes you think of life in a different light!

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An amazing journey that makes you believe in reincarnation..

Of all the books I have read about reincarnation, All You Need Is Love By Jewelle St. James gave me the proof I needed that, in fact, past lives are posible. This is a story of an ordinary woman who experienced unexplained grief after the passing of John Lennon. After three years of constantly thinking of him and buying anything and everything having to do with John and the Beatles, she decided she would try to explore these urges. Her mother and sister, who posessed psychic abilities, along with other psychics and mediums, began to help her piece together a story of love that ended tragicly and quickly. She was given two names, Katherine James and John Baron, along with several dates and different locations is England. Without telling the psychics who she was searching for, almost all of them told her that John Baron and John Lennon were the same soul! But Jewelle wanted more...she wanted proof. She spend many hours in libraries and on the phone, comparing facts with her given messages. She was able to find a Katherine James and a John Baron...in one of the years and towns she was given! After years of searching for proof and having regressions, she finally went to England to only discover a beautiful love story that has spanned the centuries.

Not only is this a beautiful and well written book, you can literally feel yourself with Jewelle as she shares this amazing story. Even if her past love was not John Lennon, this would still make make you think twice about reincarnation. This book would be an excellent guidline on how to discover your own past life. I only ask you to read this with an open mind and heart and you will be plesantly surprised.

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