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Across Time And Death : The Extraordinary Search For My Past Life Family

by Jenny Cockell

Buy the book: Jenny Cockell. Across Time And Death : The Extraordinary Search For My Past Life Family

Release Date: 06 May, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jenny Cockell. Across Time And Death : The Extraordinary Search For My Past Life Family

A Mother's Love

From the time Jenny Cockell was very young, she had memories of another life in Ireland as Mary Sutton, the mother of eight children, who died before her children were grown. The anxiety over leaving her children dependant on their alcoholic father plagued Mary during her own death and on into her next life.

In Chapter 3 First Steps Into My Past, Cockell discusses a scientific explanation for reincarnation, describes the testing of her psychic abilities at Nene College in Northampton via electroencephalograph and her hypnotic regression sessions and how they affected her. Later she discusses the research she did to confirm the details she'd discerned in her childhood dreams and in her regression sessions, the search for Mary's children and her subsequent meetings with them.

This story was first brought to my attention when I saw Jenny Cockell on a television talk show upon the book's release. I immediately went out and purchased a copy. The story is so compelling that I read it cover to cover, neglecting all else that day. I have reread it many times since then. It will make a believer out of you!

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A good book by a good friend, this book is a classic.

Writing a review for this book is a daunting task. How can I encompass how much this book has meant to me all these years and how much my friendship with the author, Jenny Cockell, has shaped me? If only I had a nickel for every time I have taken a friend, or even a bookstore employee, to the "metaphysical" section and proudly displayed this book for them, and if only I had a proper place to store the heap of letters I have accumulated from Jenny . . .

This book is fascinating and is about a fascinating topic, perhaps the first of its kind. Written in a very down-to-earth manner, it is also highly readable. Jenny details her memories, which she has had since childhood, of her life as Mary Sutton in Ireland; and then she details her research of Mary Sutton's life and her eventual reunion with Mary's children, Jenny's "past life" children. All of which make this one of the most unique books, and case histories, ever published. You enter a new world by reading this book, a world where love does not die.

Jenny continues to write and do interviews regarding her past life as Mary Sutton, and she has written a sequel to this book entitled "Past Lives, Future Lives" in which she details other past lives and what she believes will be her future lives. A made-for-TV movie has been made based upon "Across Time and Death," and it was aired last year under the title "Yesterday's Children" (which was the original title of this book when published in the UK) with Jane Seymour playing Jenny. A sad note to this story is that Sonny, the oldest of the Sutton children, the one who believed outright that Jenny is the reincarnation of his mother, recently died. Even though I had never met him, he has been a peripheral part of my life for a while now and I was sad to receive this news. (Pictures of Sonny are shown in the middle section of this book, as well as pictures of Jenny with other members of her "past life" family).

This book is indispensable for anyone interested in reincarnation, spirituality, "New Age" philosophy, or just a good and interesting book. I am very thankful for this book, in fact, I don't know where or who I'd be without it.

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