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America Here I Come: A Spiritual Journey

by Isaac E. Nwokogba

Buy the book: Isaac E. Nwokogba. America Here I Come: A Spiritual Journey

Release Date: January, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Isaac E. Nwokogba. America Here I Come: A Spiritual Journey

There are no Coincidences

There are no coincidences. That is the basis for Isaac E. Nwokogba's new memoir, America, Here I Come. The book recounts Nwokogba's journey to America from Nigeria to America based on spirituality rather than any other form of why people come to America.

Nwokogba asserts that God/the Infinite Source/Cosmic Law, or whatever you want to call it, controls our lives. We're set on a path, placed in a certain place, doing a certain job for a reason. God has given us all a job to do and directs us in doing that job.

A believer in reincarnation, Nwokogba stresses that each individual is on this planet for a purpose and that we return time and time again until we reach a spiritual level that coincides with the Infinite Source. Whatever lessons, whatever wrongdoings we did in a previous life, must be atoned for in this life, or the next, or the next. I'm not sure where I stand on reincarnation, but Nwokogba points out that the soul never dies...interesting, thought-provoking ideas that each individual must resolve in their own minds. Pro-choicer's will have a field day in that Nwokogba states that life doesn't begin until birth...another issue I'm not exactly sure where I stand.

Another fascinating aspect of the book is the issue of racism. Looking at this issue from a different set of eyes, it's interesting to see how this man was treated when he came to the United States. I wish that he had given the year(s)when he immigrated to America. I would be interested to know if that was a more recent experience, or something that happened, say ten, fifteen, twenty years ago.

America, Here I Come is a thought-provoking, interesting work, regardless of your point of view. It is well written and flows very well. There is no extraneous information that gives distracts the reader nor is it preachy, with Nwokogba trying to convince the reader of his point of view. It is a true memoir in that that is what he believes, what he saw, and what he felt.

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Balanced Look at Purpose and Meaning in a Spiritual Context

America, Here I Come: A Spiritual Journey is one of those rare books that takes you into a totally different set of experiences and mindset, and gives you a new perspective on life. Building on his own experiences growing up in West Africa and later as an immigrant to the United States, he helps the reader to see meaning in coincidences, feelings of familiarity, and the achievement of strong desires. Those who like this book will benefit from the practical advice in Seeds of Luck (which he also wrote) for how to apply the lessons Mr. Nwokogba has learned about the unconscious mind.

Mr. Nwokogba's life is filled with experiences that are new to most readers. He is a native of Nigeria, in the section that is known as Biafra to its residents. His early life relates to being in a traditional African family, and his exposure to both African tribal religion and to Christianity. Later, he served in the Biafran military during the civil war. The death of his father meant that his educational plans were at risk. Soon, he began relying on strong intuition to forge his own path, and wonderful things happened. In each case, he has a brief mini-lesson on what this means for your life. In many ways, this material will remind readers of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Coming to the United States to continue his education, you then run into the shock of his first experiences with racism. This included being shunned by many whites, put down by professors, and being sought out by white women who wanted to feel superior by dating a black man. His despair is deep, and he considers suicide. Eventually, he finds meaning in his experience by coming to appreciate that reincarnation exists and he is simply working off an old karmic debt for having been a brutal white slaveowner in a prior life.

The book blends many disparate elements in a new way, and provides much food for thought.

I thought that the parts in the book about using the unconscious mind were the best. For example, Mr. Nwokogba had a strong sense that he should not visit a certain town one day. He almost followed his intuition, but went to visit the two women who had invited him after all. While there, the women robbed him and threatened to kill him. With a gun at his head, he called on the resources of his unconscious mind and was saved.

The book raises fundamental questions for those with traditional Wetern beliefs. Will we be reincarnated? Do we have karmic debts? What is our purpose in life? How do we find that purpose? How can we tap into our unconscious minds in constructive ways? What do coincidences mean? If you enjoy these questions, you will find Mr. Nwokogba a good guide for helping you with your own spiritual journey.

After you finish the book, I suggest that you think about the spiritual lessons of your life. How can you build on what you have learned to lead a more harmonious and constructive life?

Keep your mind open to all that you notice and experience!

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