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Astrologickal Magick

by Estelle Daniels

Buy the book: Estelle Daniels. Astrologickal Magick

Release Date: April, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Estelle Daniels. Astrologickal Magick

The Best of a Very Small Class

The information contained in this book is generally excellent; I was less enthused by the writing. The organization is at times confusing, and Daniels frequently seems to be trying very hard to maintain a "jokey" or "jovial" tone. Alas, nothing is worse than a joke which falls flat.

Still, this is probably the best book on the subject for those who want to incorporate astrology into their magical practices. (The best, at least, until I finish my own book on the subject :) ). I've got a good grasp of astrology and I discovered a few things here I didn't know yet. If you're a Wiccan or Ceremonial Magician and you want to get a basic introduction to astrology from someone who is both an astrologer and a practicing magician, this is definitely a solid read. As I said, the layout and the writing are sometimes lacking ... but it's still a worthwhile book. As Daniels rightly points out, today many astrologers are trying to become "scientists" and shying away from the amulets and talismans which were such an important historical part of astrology. Kudos to Ms. Daniels for bringing astrology back to its roots :)

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Practical & well-written

Estelle Daniels is quietly one of the best horary (electional) astrologers alive - and she can Write! Weaving an extensive scholarly background with a personable writing style, she brings these 'advanced' tools of the astrologer forward on a practical, useful and usable level. The methods are easy to learn and apply, and worth delving deeply into. There isn't a comparable work on the market, to my knowledge. Highest recommendations.

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