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And the Wolves Howled , Fragments of Two Lifetimes

by Barbro Karlen, Thomas Meyer, Julie Martin

Buy the book: Barbro Karlen. And the Wolves Howled , Fragments of Two Lifetimes

Release Date: 10 July, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Barbro Karlen. And the Wolves Howled , Fragments of Two Lifetimes

terrific story, touching portrayal.

I read and re-read Ms. Karlen's book and found it to be a heartfelt commentary on the persistence and tenacity of the human spirit. I believe this book and Lance Armstrong's book both illustrate how one person can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and emerge a winner.

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Never have I been as perplexed about a book as with this selection.Aside from the back that the writing style/ language is droning, montone and without texture of any kind, I don't know what the book was aiming to explain. The story is Boring-
I had to search high and low for details about the re-incarnation aspects.This subject, which claims to be the main one of this book actually takes a back seat to the authors mundane tales of dressage, and I supposes tales of persecution.
I am usually delighted by a nice photo section, but here again I was mystified by the selection: a photo of the author at age 2, age 2 1/2, age 7, age 12, another age 12, different headshot pose, one of the author in 1981 next to a horse, another in 1989 with two horses and "a colleague"- no identification , another photo of the author on a horse, late 1980's, another horse photo with the author, 1989, another of the author (surprise!) with a horse, 1991, and then a headshot of the author 1997, and then a different pose 1998.No other photos of persons, objects, buildings, streets, family members documents- basically nothing besides that author in her dresssage get-up ,or a studio portrait of her face.This is so eerie.
I have read hundreds and hundreds of biographies, memoirs, including dozens of narratives of people's experiences with past life regressions and the like.This one is a doozie, this lady is just plain flaky and a poor storyteller as well.Sorry- add me to the extensive list of people who the author claims to be persecuted by.

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