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16 Clues to Your Past Lives: A Guide to Discovering Who You Were

by Barbara Lane

Buy the book: Barbara Lane. 16 Clues to Your Past Lives: A Guide to Discovering Who You Were

Release Date: 01 May, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Barbara Lane. 16 Clues to Your Past Lives: A Guide to Discovering Who You Were

Author Lane and her 16 Clues sit on a throne in my home !!!

16 Clues to Your Past Lives is a MOST delightful book and one of the best I have ever read on past lives...For sure, it is one of those keeper books. It is a book that makes a GRAND gift. I loved how author Barbara Lane, took famous people and gave us clues to their past lives..I could not believe the negative comment I just read on this book...as it is number one with me. I just bought her book as a gift for my newspaper reporter friend here in Yukon, Oklahoma, hometown of Garth Brooks. Yea for Aries Barbara Lane...she and her 16 Clues book sit on a throne in my mind and home.

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Past Lives For Dummies

That should be the title of Barbara Lane's book. I can't tell if she is trying to write reincarnation commedy or just a guide for idiots.

She starts off the book by telling us how she went to a bar to ask drunk people who they thought Howard Stern could have been in a past life. (Because, she claimed, drunk people would have fun with it rather than wonder if they believed in reincarnation or not.) She takes herself lightly enough to use this style occasionally. At other times she takes herself really seriously ("proving" who Bill and Hilary and Monica were in Sixteenth Century England.)

As for my second theory that this is the reincarnation guide for idiots, she tells us that if we are obsessed with the Civil War and spend vacations acting out battle scenes, we were probably involved. Well, what can you say to that?? DUH--to use the most basic syllable I can think of.

If you enjoy reading about reincarnation (which I do), read all of Brian Weiss' books, starting with Many Lives, Many Masters. Don't waste your money or insult your intellect here. As for those dying to know who Howard Stern actually was, the answer is a member of a HAREM.

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