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Alive 5 Times

by Allen Eastman

Buy the book: Allen Eastman. Alive 5 Times

Release Date: July, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Allen Eastman. Alive 5 Times

"When you're dead, you're NOT really dead!"

KENNY KINGSTON, the "CELEBRITY PSYCHIC" writes: Reincarnation is a subject as highly debated as what political party one belongs to or which religion is better. Some people say, "When you're dead you're dead." Others, myself included, say that passing away is only the beginning and that we spend time on the other side recuperating from, and reevaluating, the life we just lived, before moving on and reincarnating into another life that will teach us new lessons. Each life enhances us in intelligence and spirituality.

My congratulations to Allen Eastman for having brought to the public important elements regarding this (to some) controversial topic, through his book Alive 5 Times.

Allen, Sweet Spirit, while living your previous lives, I believe you indirectly began writing this book. And now, in this lifetime, you are finalizing the project with the book's release.

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A Great and Joyous Gift!

LAUREN ZIMMERMAN writes: Your book fell open to the photo of Chief Iron Tail. I can't describe my reaction to what I saw! You see, in 1974, I had a life-after-death experience where a man appeared to me and told me his name was Chief Iron Tail. To see his picture, as he has been appearing to me for so many years, was one of the most astounding validations I have ever had! Thank you for your contribution to my life. You gave me a great and joyous gift through your book.

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