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Reaching Your Potential: Personal and Professional Development

by Robert K. Throop, Marion B. Castellucci

Buy the book: Robert K. Throop. Reaching Your Potential: Personal and Professional Development

Release Date: 07 August, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert K. Throop. Reaching Your Potential: Personal and Professional Development

Reaching Your Potential

Many people advocate life long learning and the process of reaching your full potential, but generally no one knows how to do that. This book is designed for individuals from middle school to retirement age and provides them with step by step assessments, worksheets and exercises to reach their potential.

This book is broken down in five subject topics, and fifteen chapters to provide an easy systematic approach to personal and professional development. The five subject matters are: Developing Your Potential in Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Social realms with the fifth unit entitled Developing Your Action Plan.

This book has been wonderful in meeting the needs of four different educational and training areas. First as a personal self help book. Second as a textbook for a college level one-hour class entitled Professional Image Development offered through the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Third as an in-house book for career and personal growth seminars within private industry. And fourth, as a resource book, accessible to all employees, checked out from a Corporate Learning Center library.

The book does not have religious growth. The authors state that religious growth is outside the realm of the book. This makes the book perfect for the diverse workforce and student population.

The book does have a companion guide for instructors: Reaching Your Potential, an Instructor's Guide.

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