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Re-Visioning Psychology

by James Hillman

Buy the book: James Hillman. Re-Visioning Psychology

Release Date: August, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: James Hillman. Re-Visioning Psychology

An Archetypal Approach to the Soul

James Hillman (who I came to through Thomas Moore and Robert Sardello) delves deeper into the processes of the Soul than any other writer I've read. His view of psychology (or re-viewing if you prefer) is to take the emphasis off of the Mind and put it back upon the Soul. It is this dialogue with our Soul (or daimon) that will make us (and our culture) feel better. In this work he redefines the approach to psychology and therapy in a dynamic voice.

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Seeing Through the Serious Business of Psychotherapy

I think Jung would have appreciated the irony: in a way this book both completes and thoroughly undermines the Jungian project. At least that's how it worked for me.

Hillman is a genuinely wise man (I do hope he never reads this, or if he does, that he forgives me for saying so! :-). Yes, he is certainly a poet, a mythologist, a psychotherapist, a thinker, an iconoclast, a scholar etc, etc... But above all, he is a wise man -- a shaman, a guide. In this book he turns his gift for "seeing through" to the subject of psychotherapy itself. I can only describe the result as an astonishing, erudite, profoundly beautiful and ultimately liberating dance, in which Hillman, on our behalf, engages (and disengages!) himself with the psychological stuff of psychotherapy. This is healing of the highest order, and I never expected to encounter it in such an accessible form.

Having read this book, I can no longer think of Psyche in terms other than those of polytheistic "seeing through". And I can no longer read any books on psychotherapy, except through Hillman's playful, re-visioning eyes -- no, not even Jung, nor Hillman himself. The circle is complete. The thesis and anti-thesis have combined into synthesis, and in the four-step magical dialectics, got transmuted into a new totality. Where do we go from here? I have no idea, but it will be somewhere else.

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