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Reaching for the Oversoul

by Eugene G., M.D. Jussek

Buy the book: Eugene G., M.D. Jussek. Reaching for the Oversoul

Release Date: September, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Eugene G., M.D. Jussek. Reaching for the Oversoul

A serious Study to reveal Inner Wisdom

As a medical assistant/secretary in the Internal Medicine practice of Eugene G. Jussek, MD, I had the privilege of attending the early hypnosis sessions with Charles Roberts and was witness to the ultimate ermergence of Yan Su Lu. Conversations under hypnotic trance would be recorded in shorthand and then transcribed. Dr. Jussek has reproduced these sessions exactly as they transpired and no changes, additions or omissions are noted. Eugene G. Jussek, MD, is a skilled physician and hypnotist who takes great care to protect the patient from harm and danger. He continuously moves the subject away from frightful experiences, and goes to a safe place and time that permits unemotional review and analysis of events. In this space beyond time, Dr. Jussek would ask the "friend" or "teacher" from the other side (that resides in all of us) to come through and report on the lessons learned by the subject during that particular lifetime. When Yan Su Lu was willing to continue dialogue through the merium of Charles Roberts, a journey was untertaken into the realm of wisdom as it is found in the collective unconscious. Such knowlege and understanding is not only the essence of this book, but it addresses many current questions raised by the serious seeker of Truth. "Reaching for the Oversoul" is a must read not only for those seeking answers from the beyond, but also for the serious practitioner of medical hypnosis.

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A new Gary Zukoff

I wish Oprah would read this book and feature Eugene Jussek on her show. He is another Gary Zukoff!

This book is about finding our own higher selves. Written by a medical doctor of great depth and sensitivity, it explores the possibility of reincarnation, while never trying to prove it.

As the title suggests, Reaching for the Oversoul, is about reaching deep within our selves for our own higher nature, wise counsel and guide. It is the story of a medical man and his journey to make sense of one patient's problems.

So many of life's questions are explored in this book. A thought provoking read.

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