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Medicine Woman

by Lynn V. Andrews

Buy the book: Lynn V. Andrews. Medicine Woman

Release Date: 26 October, 1983

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Lynn V. Andrews. Medicine Woman

No Matter What the Source.........

Long before I knew of L.V. Andrews, a love interest would often read to me excerpts from Carlos Castenada's books as we sat under a tree. Castenada's books are an exemplary example of command of the english language and his descriptions, often put humorously, not without a touch of eloquence. But both Castenada and Andrews portray a certain un-gracefulness of the human nature that can only be refined with growth and that is the point. How that growth is attained though is pertinent to an individual's soul choices and the message it brings to assist others - not based on whether the journey it's self began in Beverly Hills or while a student at U.C.L.A.. These are only extrodinary precicely for the fact that consciousness could indeed "meet it's fate" and flourish from such a mundane starting point. In the case of Ms. Andrews (and Mr. Castenada), both were fortunate to have physical teachers to guide them which to some would be considered a luxary now days. Though as Andrew's mentor, Agnes, interjected in one of her later books, Andrews herself would one day graduate to teachers of higher learning and she (Agnes) would no longer be necessary. This then confronts us with an even more seductive proposal which I venture to say hinges on the universal rather than the particular (race, culture or language) of which so many jealously guard. The glimpse's of Ms. Andrew's various "lives", as illustated by her books, confirms that the soul is diverse in it's many sojourns and that lives are merely identities or roles played by a higher self or over soul. That her teachers were Native American or Buddist doesn't ultimately matter because the message is always the same: "know thy self". A suggestion given but not often considered since to do so requires a certain identification with others firstly and an acknoweledgement of our collective human dilema that is often too painful to admitt. In her succeeding books, again, L. Andrew's depicts a course that is not exclusive to her teacher's heritage since in one she delves into a life lived in England and another, Japan. What is exclusive is the bond that she has with these women whom have obviously guided her throughout many life times and I find this no different from Babaji guiding Paramahansa or the many Masters so many identify with today. I find it unfortunate that others would miss the point altogether and judge what they don't understand and that she would not be allowed to be supported for her efforts that no doubt have assisted others, including myself. That her writings be fiction or non-fiction is also not the point, except that they inspire another to seek the hidden potential within. As we read, within our imagination is a truth which her writing conveys and that is: on some level what we imagine is already real even if only seeming "fiction", because we cannot see it.

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Medicine Woman

The first book I read from Lynn Andrews was Crystal Woman. Though it is different from Medicine Woman, I enjoyed them both. When reading these books instead of disecting every paragraph & page, one would recieve more enjoyment just to read and not keep asking where is the message or what the heck is it I am supposed to learn. If you are meant to get something out of this book, you truly will. ~peace~blessings & ~moonlight~

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