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A Cosmic Sea of Words: The Eckankar Lexicon

by Harold Klemp, Paul Eckankar Dictionary Twitchell, Eckankar (Organization), etc.

Buy the book: Harold Klemp. A Cosmic Sea of Words: The Eckankar Lexicon

Release Date: September, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Harold Klemp. A Cosmic Sea of Words: The Eckankar Lexicon

This Book Clearly Shows Twitchell's Distortions of Truth

I can prove that Twitchell made it all up and so can you! Twitchell took Hindu words and people from history and changed the spelling of words and names to create his own religion and lineage of Eckankar (Eck) masters. 1st you need a copy of "The Path of the Masters" by Julian P. Johnson. In my 11th edition on pages 356-357 is the word AHANKAR (listed in the Lexicon on page 5). "Path" states that there are two definitions to this word. One definition is, "... the faculty of the mind which gives us the power of awareness of the self, self-differentiation, the I-ness." The second definition is, "... But the abnormal exaggeration of this faculty becomes ahankar, which is vanity or egoism." Twitchell created the word "ahankara" to use the second definition of the word that Julian P. Johnson used in 1939! I can go on and on. Let me give another example. Aluk in the Lexicon has one meaning, but in "Path" the definition even mentions another creation of Twitchell (the Ancient Order of the Vairagi). "Aluk is the sacred word that the Vairagis, the adepts of India, exclaim as the chant. In the word Aluk are expressed two words, Al, meaning from, and huk, truth; both words together express God, the source of all truth." [pg. 491]
Let me give another example to show the Lies behind Eckankar and all of the books written on this scam of Twitchell. In this distortion Twitchell changes one letter in the word found on page 10 of the Lexicon. "Mind is divided into four parts, called by the Masters, Antashkarans. This means inner modes of action. We may say it has four attributes, faculties or qualities. These four divisions of the mind are named: Manas, Chitta, Buddhi, and Ahankar."[pg.327,"Path"] With just a little research one can prove Ford Johnson's and David Lane's claims. Eckankar, while having some redeeming qualities, is based on lies and built using distorting information from other spiritual paths.

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Excellent reference work to Eckankar

I found this book to be an excellent companion to other titles I have bought from this publisher and author Harold Klemp. It is very well written and a simple to use guide. I recommend it to anyone who has read any of Harold Klemp's other works. It's a useful and practicle reference book.

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