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Search for Omm

by Jonathan Cott

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Release Date: 01 July, 1989

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jonathan Cott. Search for Omm

This lady is nuts

Good lord where to begin, first of all, Omm Sety doesn't mean a damn thing, Mother of Sety would be "Mut Sety" the innacuracies don't end there. As far as I know there were no "Temple Virgins" in Abydos, otherwise known as Abdju. Had there been a love affair between Seti and a woman, even a 14 year old (people didn't live as long back then 14 year old mothers were common) The woman would have been brought into Seti's court and probably made a concubine. Seti probably would have given his love burial rights as well as the child's. This crazy dorothy obviously has no knowledge this life or past about Ancient Egypt, otherwise she would have known this story of hers is just about as impossible as Osiris being a mortal person. (He never was deal with it.) A waste of time for any historical content, maybe some of the Space Mummies flying in the New Age flying saucer might enjoy it to fuel any delusions they might have of being a lover of a Pharoah or being Hatshepsut or whatever they feel they need to be.

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BUY THIS BOOK if you love Egypt!

I had the luck to find this wonderful and EXCELLENT book about an English woman who has an ancient soul-in Egypt! I read parts of this book all the time. This book is special to me in that I love Egypt and the people who made it thousands of years ago. Omm Sety (Dorothy Eady) will tell you her experiences with her lover, Sety I. There is factual material on Abydos and the temples of Osiris (the Osirion). Any information you want about King Sety I that you will not find anywhere else, is included here. It is co-written by Hanny El Zeini, an Egyptologist, who owned his own company in Egypt. Omm Sety has extensive knowledge about hyroglyphics and Egyptian temples. I love this book most because it brought out a long ago memory of a love I once had, a forbidden one (tee-hee). Buy this book, or at least, check it out!

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