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Signet of Atlantis: War in Heaven Bypass (The Mind Chronicles)

by Barbara Hand Clow, Angela Werneke

Buy the book: Barbara Hand Clow. Signet of Atlantis: War in Heaven Bypass (The Mind Chronicles)

Release Date: October, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Barbara Hand Clow. Signet of Atlantis: War in Heaven Bypass (The Mind Chronicles)

"An Earth in which Every Being is Loved."

Last of the Mind Chronicles Trilogy, Signet of Atlantis continues the chirotic weaving of time through past lives and prophetic future that is Barbara Hand Clow's gift. Her deep commitment to Earth's story is brought to light through the lives of ancient beings, human and others, giving the reader a mind-expanding adventure into worlds within this world. The wealth of pure information in this volume is astounding. Any seeker of any discipline will find a key to that which offers them bliss. Written in the first person, Signet of Atlantis paints passionate visions of multidimensional life through the eyes, mind and heart of Aspasia, Cretan priestess; Egyptian lion goddess, Sekhmet; Ichor Egyptian astrologer; Argolid, Atlantean from Spica; Allini, Pleadian teacher from Alcyone, Inanna, Sumerian goddess of love and war and Isaiah, Judeo-Christian prophet. (There are others) In true shamanic fashion, stars and stones speak their secret knowledge of the evolution of humankind, releasing a new/old vision of life on earth for modern man- and womankind to absorb and become. The author's willingness to speak to ancient wounds, tantric energies and secret teachings, in Heart of the Christos, (Book 2) is brought to fruition and healing in Signet of Atlantis. Her courage in accepting the "mission impossible" of bringing this body of knowledge to light and into play in this critical phase of Earth history is a fine example for people who care as deeply and for those who may only sense that something is going on. The whole trilogy is a must read for those seeking to open their multidimensional selves to the depth and richness of this planet we inhabit. There is much work to be done to manifest the wonder and beauty of life in full consciousness and Barbara Hand Clow has brought forth a solid understanding upon which to build.

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