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Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences

by P. M. H. Atwater, David H. Morgan, Alpha Group

Buy the book: P. M. H. Atwater. Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences

Release Date: 21 January, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: P. M. H. Atwater. Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences


The near-death experience is so interesting. I was quite amazed at the children's NDE's since I don't think that they would fabricate any stories. One particular story that I referenced in my book, There Is Eternal Life For Animals, talked about a girl seeing her former deceased dogs in heaven.

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The Complete IDIOT'S Guide To Near-Death Experiences by P.M.H. Atwater with David H. Morgan is a must-have for everyone who is interested in the spiritual aspect of death, as well as in the latest developments of our knowledge of spiritual reality. It can be regarded as a easy-to-read encyclopedia on death and afterlife matters. One account about a near-death experience has been titled "Hold on to Your Socks for This One," and the same title can be applied to many of the other survival stories -- all of them are great reads. At the same time, they are classified in a way that expands our understanding of the afterlife. For instance, the authors analyze the differences of how children describe their journeys beyond in comparison to adults. As children are not conditioned by any religious concepts, in their reports darkness isn't always evil. Many children have reported about "the darkness that knows," describing being cradled in a womb-like darkness. The authors recall that light is not always God's light as well. As we know, word "Lucifer" means "light bearer" to begin with. In other words, our dualistic picture of the universe as a battlefield of light and darkness doesn't always hold up. Since the 60's researchers have come across cases of survivors who wanted to report the hellish kind of journeys they experienced. Yet for quite a long time these accounts were suppressed because of the belief that only bad people like murderers go to hell. Regrettably, studies don't confirm it. It is still not quite clear why in near-death situations some people like family oriented community activists found themselves in hell and others in heaven. The belief that a near-death experience produces only positive changes -- needs to undergo a profound revision as well. Some experiencers feed their egos; some change to the extent of alienation; some become difficult to live with... It was high time to reveal more facts about the afterlife and this book definitely leaves us with a considerable amount of new information. In addition, this book gives us an excellent 'further reading' list, a good glossary of pertinent words that otherwise may be confusing and hard to understand, a list of websites and 'get in touch' list of research organizations.

There is one more thing that makes this book special -- its positive energy in spite of its morbid subject. It seems to stem from the authors' liberating intention to be truthful and a profound knowledge of their subject. It was a pleasure to read this book.

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