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Cosmic Manuscript

by Dallas Thompson

Buy the book: Dallas Thompson. Cosmic Manuscript

Release Date: July, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Dallas Thompson. Cosmic Manuscript

The Book That Touched My Heart!

I want to thank the author for this remarkable book!This book is about love,and healing! I feel that Cosmic Manuscript is a book for people with love,and compassion in their heart.It's the people with hate,and confusion that will not understand the important message presented in Cosmic Manuscript.I am a Doctor who has read thousads of books,and Cosmic Mauscript is in a class of it's own because its Author is legally blind,and so confident that you would never know.This unique situation tells us that Cosmic Manuscript is not information previously shared in other books...I say to anyone interested in Cosmic Mauscript to read the book for yourself,and you will see,and feel the love,and healing offered in Cosmic Manuscript.

I also enjoyed the Photos that are presented in Cosmic Manuscript,and I will be sending copies to my staff this Christmas! Sincerely Dr.john

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Key to Open Dimensional Doors

oh-see-yoh -- Hello
I am Native American,an underground Elder Named Red Eagle!I feel the positive energy flowing within Cosmic Manuscript.I especially like the insight about walking barfoot because my tribe,and tribes of old understand the cleansing,and regenerating gifts offered in this electromagnetic experience.Cosmic Manuscript is an instruction book to guide,and navigate the shifting of enlightenment within oneself!Us Elders call this process the journey of the 5th ring or circle.

One must be an open-minded seeker to grasp the gifts,and key's offered in Cosmic Manuscript.-- wah-doh -- Thank you. Red Eagle.

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