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Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near-Death Experience

by Barbara R., MD Rommer, Raymond A., Jr. Moody, Bart Ostroff

Buy the book: Barbara R., MD Rommer. Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near-Death Experience

Release Date: April, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Barbara R., MD Rommer. Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near-Death Experience

Facinating book!

In her book, Dr. Barbara Rommer shares with readers Another Side of the Near - Death Experience, i.e. the "less-than-Positive" experiences. This thought provoking book speaks through the words of the experiences themselves to those often frightening or unsettling experiences that have taken them on their journeys to the brink of death. Often for them, we find in the pages of this book their experiences, through unpleasant, become the entrance to positive and meaningful changes in their lives.

The ten chapters in this book take the reader from a revisit with peaceful near-death experiences to some conclusions, which is titled "A Plea to the Medical Community". In between, we find well-documented chapters, which deal with, and overview of Less Than Positive Experiences. While Dr. Rommer, like many of us, cannot absolutely say that there is an afterlife, she is able to present anecdotal evidence of the probability of the continuity of life beyond bodily death.

In the book, Dr. Rommer has interviewed over 300 patients and shares their experiences in their own words. As explained in the book, she has experienced first hand how often her patients, who fear the dying process, are really fearful of what happens after dying and therefore sometime fail to live life to the fullest. Therefore she, in this book, fulfills her goal "to allay people's fears by reporting the experiences of those who had died and been resuscitated".

In this book you will not only find the convictions of experiences shared in openness and with honesty, but you will also find the convictions of the author openly shared regarding her life's journey of her own soul's spiritual transformation. I found the book extremely informative of her research and extremely thought provoking on the question most people ask about life and death. It makes you stop and think about each and every day we live and how we must strive to make the very most of every moment. Worth reading and re-reading.

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A True Blessing

There's no denying it. Blessing in Disguise is a true blessing. Many books have been written about the near-death experience (NDE), but this is the first book to thoroughly address the darker side of the experience. Whether it has been the result of conscious or unconscious suppression, the fear of being ridiculed, or the individual's expectations, many fewer negative NDEs have been reported. Dr. Rommer has coined the name, less-than-positive (LPD), for these experiences. LPDs frequently occurred in people who had either attempted suicide, had had hateful, harmful, or unpleasant feelings, or had been brought up with the religious expectations that if they did not live up to expectations they would be doomed to an eternity in Hell. The "blessing in disguise" is that the vast majority of these individuals - just like their counterparts who have had the usual-type NDE - come back changed for the better. They are usually, kinder, more loving and caring, spiritual, have a reduced fear of death, and come away believing in a surviving soul, a positive afterlife, and a caring, non-judgmental Supreme Being. Most of them - if they have not had them before - develop psi abilities. Those who had parapsychological abilities before, almost always report increased psi abilities after the LTP. Dr. Rommer doesn't limit her book to cases of LTPs. She also gives outstanding coverage of the usual NDE and the probable reasons why either an NDE or LTP occurs. This is a book written in a down-to-earth style with many clearly reported case studies. As I tried to do in my book, Searching for Eternity, Dr. Rommer uses a scientific approach to explain the LTP and the NDE. And she succeeds admirably. Finally, Dr. Rommer pleads with her medical colleagues to try to understand the NDE and LTP and not ridicule or ignore their patients who have experienced them or tell them that it was merely a hallucination. No one knows for sure whether a NDE or LTP is a real voyage of the soul or some poorly understood brain mechanism. The jury might be out, but with the evidence from authors such as Barbara Rommer, it is beginning to appear that we are not doomed to "ashes to ashes and dust to dust," but can awaken to a brilliant and blissful afterlife. Nevertheless, we must learn our lessons well. It is not enough to accept one particular religion's viewpoint about salvation. We must live a good, moral, caring, kind and considerate life if we expect a joyous afterlife. Blessing in Disguise is highly recommended. Rush out and get it.

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