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241. Mystics, Ascetics & Saints of India 1905
by John Campbell Oman

242. Mystics, Magicians and Medicine People: Tales of a Wanderer
by Doug Boyd

243. Natural Mystics
by Dr Will Taegel

244. Nature Mysticism - 1913
by J. Edward Mercer

245. Nature's Invisible Forces: The Seven Principles or Laws of Nature Analyzed and Expounded, 1917
by Thos. H. Ellis

246. New Mysticism, 1906
by Adela Curtis

247. No Death: God's Other Door
by Hugh Lynn Cayce, Edgar Cayce, Graham L. McGill

248. Nostradamus
by Sherif I. Mazar, Mazar I. Sherif

249. Nostradamus secretos revelados
by Juan Jose Rosas Leal, Leal Juan Rosas

250. Numbers: Their Occult Power & Mystic Virtues
by W. Wynn Westcott

251. Obi: Oracle of Cuban Santeria
by Ocha'Ni Lele, Bart Stuart Myers

252. Occult Interpretations
by John P. Scott

253. Occultism: Its Theory
by Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah

254. Odyssey of the Apocalypse
by Elizabeth MacDonald Burrows