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Kosmic Consciousness

by Ken Wilber

Buy the book: Ken Wilber. Kosmic Consciousness

Release Date: September, 2003

Edition: Audio Cassette


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Buy the book: Ken Wilber. Kosmic Consciousness

An In-Depth, Focused, Look at Wilber's Theories

Tammy Simon and Sounds True have put together the ultimate audio learning set for those who are fans -- or would like to be fans -- of the great American spiritual philosopher Ken Wilber. Tammy closely interviews Ken as to the many components of this "theory of everything," and she is relentless in making sure that Ken has explained topics to the point where they can be clearly understood.

Ken, as always, is brilliant, and Tammy shows great spunk throughout. One of my favorite exchanges comes early on where Ken is describing first person, second person, etc., and at one point he says something like, "You have to have two minds capable of understanding each other to have this. Suppose, for example, that you were catatonic..." and Tammy shoots back "...or that you, Ken, were totally incomprehendible." Well, maybe you have to hear it, but it is definitely funny.

Tammy has clearly done her homework, and Ken has such a huge wealth of information at his disposal that a great deal of ground gets covered. The reason I have given this 4 as opposed to 5 stars is that it ... is ... just ... a ... little ... long. But then again, if you want a comprehensive learning experience, you'll certainly get it here. Another slight criticism is that Tammy doesn't really push or challenge Ken personally here (e.g., the way Ken is pushed and challenged in the earlier Speaking of Everything CD interview). But then again, when looked at for its main purpose -- conveying the breadth and some of the depth of Ken Wilber's theories -- Kosmic Consciousness does an excellent job.

This interview, while perhaps a little light for the most serious of Wilber scholar's, does have a good deal that is new and interesting and that will keep the interest of the already-deeply-immersed. And for the person struggling to understand Ken's books, especially the technical details of concepts like lines, levels, waves, quadrants, and so on, Kosmic Consciousness will be a real Spirit-send. All in all, if you know a Ken Wilber fan, or someone who should be a Ken Wilber fan, then this ten CD audio set will make a great gift.

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