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Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge: The Mystical World of the Q'ero Indians of Peru

by Joan Parisi Wilcox

Buy the book: Joan Parisi Wilcox. Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge: The Mystical World of the Q'ero Indians of Peru

Release Date: March, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Joan Parisi Wilcox. Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge: The Mystical World of the Q'ero Indians of Peru

Keepers of the Ancient (Mystical) Knowledge

I have been a student on the path of mystical knowledge for over 20 years. This is one of the most detailed and enlightening books I have read. The knowledge for true seekers is what this world needs and Joan has not only done a remarkable job at reseaching the subject, her clear and detailed explanations are right on.
This is one book that any true seeker will gain from. The exercises included, when performed, bring lasting and enlightening results.
Any seeker on the path of truth will tell you there is a lot of "shallow" materal on the market today. This book is anything but shallow. Joan's depth takes you places few have journeyed and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it. Make sure you "DO THE EXERSICES". Do not just read them, and I am certain you will be recomending this book to others too. Great job Joan.

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A True Voice Speaks Out

Joan Wilcox has done an exceptional job not in capturing the essence of the Q'ero (it is something that cannot be held prisoner) but at taking down the curtain between their tradition and ours. In a time when many profess to be in possession of a sacred knowledge that flows from them, Wilcox has managed to truthfully allow it to flow through her, acting as a conduit and empowering that ancient wisdom to make its own twists and mysterious turns as it will, and as it has for eons. Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge accurately chronicles the inner story of the Q'ero in all that can be spoken, and at the same time allows for all that cannot be told outside of personal experience to begin to shine its light as well. These are words and experiences from the mouths of the Elders, healers and masters themselves, and I deeply admire the objectivity with which she and her cohorts have chronicled the Q'ero's energetic journey.

Reading the book was like uncovering an overgrown ruin, where on the outside the crumbling walls do not meet your lofty expectations, but on the inside the simple truth emerges as something one could have never quite imagined.

There is an immense amount to be said for the starkness and grace with which she has presented such valuable knowledge at such a dire time of need. Any who take the time to read Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge will only be moved positively on their path of understanding, energy work, and enlightenment, and will be aided with extraordinary tools gifted from the Elders, made manifest by catching a privileged glimpse into an ancient tradition, for which Wilcox has provided here an incredibly clear window.

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