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101. Embracing the Goddess Within: A Creative Guide for Women
by Kris Waldherr

102. English Mystics, 1922
by Geraldine E. Hodgson, Geraldine E. Hodgson

103. English Zohar
by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Rav Yehuda Ashlag, Michael Berg, etc.

104. Esoteric Christianity or the Lesser Mysteries (1918)
by Annie Wood Besant

105. Essay on the Bases of the Mystic Knowledge 1899
by E. Recejac, Sara Carr Upton

106. Essentials of Mysticism & Other Essays 1920
by Evelyn Underhill

107. Evidence from Beyond: An Insider's Guide to the Wonders of Heaven--And Life in the New Millennium More After-Death Communications Received from Theologian A.D. Mattson
by A. D. Mattson, Ruth Mattson Taylor, Margaret Flavell

108. Evocation of Spirits (Truth About Series)
by Donald Michael Kraig

109. Evolution of the Soul and Other Essays, 1906
by Thomson Jay Hudson

110. Eyes of the Spirit: Working With a Spiritual Teacher
by Colum Hayward

111. Facets of Extraordinary Awareness
by Anton T. Kiss

112. Fairies : Real Encounters With Little People
by Janet Bord

113. Famous Wisconsin Mystics
by Hannah Heidi Levy

114. First Cause
by Angelena Rose Cassady

115. First Principles of a New System of Philosophy1880
by Herbert Spencer

116. Flowing With Universal Laws: Cosmic Laws, Universal Laws, Subsidiary Laws
by Margo Kirtikar

117. Footprints in the sand
by William M. Stephens, William M. Stephens

118. Footprints in the Snow: A Modern-Day Communication Between an Enlightened Master and His Disciples
by Umi

119. Four Leading Doctrines of the New Church, 1909
by Emanuel Swedenborg, Emmanuel Swedenborg

120. Four Paths to Union
by Mariamne Paulus, Diane Kennedy Pike

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