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81. Dialogues With a Shaman Teacher: Into the Silence
by Heather Hughes-Calero, Winged Wolf, Winged Wolf

82. Dialogues With the Angels
by Tricia McCannon

83. Dios Habla
by Meher Baba

84. Discovering the Lost Pyramid
by G.Cope Schellhorn

85. Doctor Illuminatus
by Ramon Llull, Anthony Bonner

86. Don Juan and the Power of Medicine Dreaming: A Nagual Woman's Journey of Healing
by Merilyn Tunneshende

87. Don't Call Me Dead
by O. M. Dorothy D. Heinemann, Lambert C. Heinemann

88. Druid Animal Oracle
by Philip Carr-gomm

89. Duchamp Fell Off the Mantelpiece: The Physics of Coincidence
by L. G. Adams

90. Eagle & Rose:A Remarkable True Story
by Rosemary Altea

91. Earthway : A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health
by Mary Summer Rain

92. East in the Light of the West (1922)
by Rudolph Steiner, Rudolf Steiner

93. Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing
by Reba Ann Karp

94. Edgar Cayce in Context: The Readings: Truth and Fiction (Suny Series in Western Esoteric Traditions)
by K. Paul Johnson

95. Edgar Cayce On Atlantis
by Evans Cayce

96. Edgar Cayce On the Millennium
by Jess Stearn

97. Edgar Cayce on the Revelation: A Study Guide for Spiritualizing Body and Mind
by John Van Auken

98. Edgar Cayce Returns (From Heaven to Earth/Robert Leichtman)
by Robert R. Reichtman, Robert R. Leichtman, Robert R. Reichtman, etc.

99. Eleutherios: The Only Truth That Sets the Heart Free (The Five Books of the Heart of the Adidam Revelation)
by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Adi Da Samraj

100. Emanuel Swedenborg: The Swedish Seer, 1920
by W. P. Swainson

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