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41. Autobiography of god
by Herbert L. Beierle

42. Badianus Manuscript 1940
by Emily Walcott Emmart

43. Beauty, Wonder, and the Mystical Mind
by Wilson Van Dusen

44. Beyond Duality: The Art of Transcendence
by Laurence Galian

45. Beyond the Illusion of the Ego
by Raphael

46. Body of Time, Soul of Eternity: Mystical Spirituality
by Jerry Thomas

47. Born With a Veil
by Maya Perez, Jess Stern, Terry A. Latterman

48. Brahmavidya Divine Wisdom 1923
by Annie Besant, S. Subramania Iyer

49. Cabala Para El Mundo Moderno/Kabbalah for the Modern World
by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler, Edgar Rojas, Hector Ramirez

50. Cards of Destiny 2001
by Sharon Jeffers

51. Carrington's Mystical Writings 1924
by Hereward Carrington

52. Celestial Ship of the North
by E. Valentia Straiton, Valenta E. Straiton

53. Ceremony of Passing
by W.L. Wilmhurst, W. L. Wilmshurst

54. Changing the Negative into Positive
by Gayle Schilz, Edgar Cayce, Gayle Schilz, etc.

55. Characters and Characteristics of William Law: Nonjuror and Mystic (1898)
by Alexander Whyte, Alexander Whyte

56. Christ & the Eastern Soul 1909
by Charles Cuthbert Hall

57. Closet Mystics ... Come Out Firewalking
by Shannon Schweizer-Lavell

58. Clothed With the Sun, 1889
by Anna Bonus Kingsford, Edward Maitland

59. Concerning Mysticism
by Clyde Milner, Russell et al Pope

60. Contemplations: Being Studies in Christian Mysticism
by W.L. Wilmhurst, W. L. Wilmshurst

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